Monday, August 03, 2009

love story

why is it that movies either depict love as a this hokey over the top baloney or else you get the other end of the stick with the more dry movies that depict marriage as this stale predicament that both parties are unhappy with but are too lazy and self loathing to do anything about it. instead they sit and think that life would be better on the other side. real life is not like that. relationships are work and go through many stages. both people have to work to make it work. they have to care about each others feelings and they have to be able to see where the other is coming from. people get so wrapped up in their own crap that they forget to try to see it from the other side. movies show the guy as this grim miserable, yet witty sex starved guy who wakes to work and get nagged by his wife about taking out the trash. and the woman is this whiny no self esteem at all witch, who stopped wearing make up and is always looking in the mirror for wrinkles. people forget to just cut the bullshit and live their life. it's going by right we speak. do you want to wake up one day and be that wise old douchebag who regrets being so pathetic and only now realizes that life is short and you have to make lemonade out of lemons?!
are you starving? do you have a week left to live? did someone steal your identity and empty your bank account? no? then cut the shit and stop whining. life is what you make of it. so if you suck and whine all day your life will most likely do the same. on the other hand if you go at it head on and try to be positive and just roll with the punches, then maybe...just maybe your days won't be so blech. stop hoping for a winning lottery ticket or prince/princess charming to come. life isn't like the movies, it's real. stop blaming others for your issues. stop looking for a rainbow and don't worry, be happy. you don't need a pill for that, it's all in your head. you're drawing breath into your lungs and someone somewhere just stopped doing just that. so quit the bullshit.
with all that said, how come i am sitting inside with the curtains drawn to keep the heat out, watching enchanted...a disney movie about "true love's kiss". and my husband just thinks i am a life sucking pain who talks too much. ahh, a chipmunk is chewing off her face in the movie and patrick dempsey looks very handsome. hmm, what can i do today to be "super positive" and make my day "something special"? gag. but i talking to myself here?

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